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If it’s a little weird, and a lot awesome… that, compadre, is a zonkey. And we want to know about it. Please share it via the submission form below. Heeeeeeoooooonk!

Out in the world we are constantly experiencing things. What is a zonkey to you? It could be a physical design or invention. Or a packaging design element of any kind (physical, graphic, even copy! We love weird copy and obsess about words in general). It could be a service of some sort. If could be an artistic creation, such as a written work, a painting, a photograph, or a song. It could be an unusually amazing new dish or cocktail...we love unexpected combinations, like zonkeys! Or it could be something occurring in nature.

We can’t accept photographs that identify other people, unfortunately… even if you mean well. (And if you don’t mean well and just want to mock the guy who sits behind you in chemistry class and is a little different, well… that’s stupid, because you’ll probably be working for him one day.)

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